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  1. Every destination has its own distinctive spirit—its unique combination of landscapes, light, and cultural aspects that sets the tone for travelers.
  2. A two-month trip across the continent last year inspired the Colette Steckel Africa jewelry collection.
  3. A technique that combines ceramic with gold to produce surprising flashes of color is showcased in some of these rings from James de Givenchy for Taffin ( ). Instead of working solely...
  4. A regal diamond tiara is not for every woman or every occasion, but the Graff Diamonds Alice Bands ( ), named for the protagonist in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in...
  5. The pearl, an enduring emblem of grace, is displaying its edgy side in contemporary jewelry designs. The striking new pieces shown here employ dark jewels or rough metal to set off the pearls’ smooth...
  6. These cleverly conceived Deakin & Francis cuff links ( ) are designed to appeal to sportsmen of all stripes. Made of enamel and sterling silver and priced at $525, they...
  7. In addition to being well-respected and versatile actresses, Renée Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Hudson all share two things in common. First, they each won a Golden Globe award in the...
  8. For decades, the Argyle mine in northwestern Australia has been the world’s main source for pink diamonds. Not that its production was exactly huge: Only 50 carats of top-grade pink stones emerge...
  9. Photo 1. Clockwise from above: Cindy Chao the Art Jewel 42.48-carat and 46.89-carat Colombian emerald earrings with colored diamonds, price upon request (+852.9867.2798, ); Bulgari...
  10. As an elaborate keepsake adorned with the image of a panther, the Cartier Exceptional Poker Set ( ) follows suit with the gaming sets that the French jewelry house has been releasing...