Fernando Jorge Algae pendant with pink quartz and tourmaline
The Brazilian jewelry designer describes his latest creations and an unusual color palette for summer…
Four ways to sport the stacked bracelet look…

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  1. The designer creates colorful jewelry with a whimsical flair such as his pagoda house brooches. But, his favorite pieces are floral designs inspired by blooms from his very own gardens. Signature...
  2. The Duke of Verdura set up shop in New York in 1939 and created jewelry for the socialites and style icons of his era including Babe Paley, the Duchess of Windsor, and Diana Vreeland. Verdura’s...
  3. Legendary jeweler Harry Winston was fascinated by the rarity and beauty of exceptional diamonds, and he spent the better part of his life tracking them down. He established his company as the premier...
  4. In 2006, Sotheby’s auction house partnered with Steinmetz Diamond Group to create Sotheby’s Diamonds, a retail enterprise offering clients an outrageous selection of large white and colored diamonds...
  5. German designer Stefan Hemmerle is known for his extensive experimentation with various metals such as brass and aluminum paired with exquisite sapphires and precious stones for a decidedly edgy and...
  6. Hong Kong designer Michelle Ong is known for seamlessly fusing Eastern and Western cultures in a distinctive, identifiable look. Her graceful style stems from years of training as a ballroom dancer...
  7. Each handmade piece is like a work of art for this designer, who meticulously collects rarified gems and assembles them in elaborate designs, each selected for its unique color, texture, and shape.
  8. British jeweler Laurence Graff is known for having one of the best selections of hard-to-find, huge D-flawless and premium-quality diamonds, in addition to a stellar selection of colored diamonds...
  9. Nicholas Varney approaches jewelry design and creation more like an artist than a jeweler. He collects various stones, more for color and form than value, and builds artistic expressions of plants,...
  10. The Madison Avenue boutique is known for its important period jewelry that represents stylish design and quality craftsmanship. It also offers a small selection of new pieces that blend seamlessly in...