Hemmerle's jeweled rectangular earrings with a 19th century micro mosaic portrait of an Egyptian Pharoah
A look at the top designs unveiled at one of the world’s most prestigious art and antiques event…
K. Brunini Jewels
The SoCal-based artist talks connecting to gems, the power of earthly wonders, and more…

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  1. First-time customers at the Shamballa Jewels ( www.shamballajewels.com ) flagship store in Copenhagen, Denmark, may find it hard to believe that the airy gallery is a retail space at all. According...
  2. The designs in the Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague jewelry collection ( www.cartier.com ) either obviously or subtly reference the jewelry house’s home city. One of the collection’s motifs features...
  3. A woman must be confident to wear jewelry by Silvia Furmanovich, whose audacious concepts seldom fail to attract attention. This daring designer might adorn a diamond bracelet with a bright-blue,...
  4. In the 1960s and early 1970s, when most society women wore understated jewelry—demure pearls and diamonds—the designer David Webb enticed a few of the haut monde’s leading tastemakers with big,...
  5. As an elaborate keepsake adorned with the image of a panther, the Cartier Exceptional Poker Set ( www.cartier.com ) follows suit with the gaming sets that the French jewelry house has been releasing...
  6. Photo 1. Clockwise from above: Cindy Chao the Art Jewel 42.48-carat and 46.89-carat Colombian emerald earrings with colored diamonds, price upon request (+852.9867.2798, www.cindychao.com ); Bulgari...
  7. When a demolition crew in 1912 discovered a cache of some 500 jewelry pieces and gems buried in a Cheapside cellar in London, they had no idea they had uncovered one of the greatest jewelry finds of...
  8. These cleverly conceived Deakin & Francis cuff links ( www.deakinandfrancis.co.uk ) are designed to appeal to sportsmen of all stripes. Made of enamel and sterling silver and priced at $525, they...
  9. The pearl, an enduring emblem of grace, is displaying its edgy side in contemporary jewelry designs. The striking new pieces shown here employ dark jewels or rough metal to set off the pearls’ smooth...
  10. In addition to being well-respected and versatile actresses, Renée Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Hudson all share two things in common. First, they each won a Golden Globe award in the...