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  1. The renowned British jewelry designer Theo Fennell has created a series of four elaborate one-of-a-...
  2. Laurence Graff began working in the diamond business as a 15-year-old apprentice jeweler in the...
  3. Known for his innovative use of rough diamonds, Todd Reed is showing his softer side with a foray...
  4. The latest creations from the jeweler Nicholas Liu borrow a chapter from ancient mythology that...
  5. Not many jewelry houses have a history as long and storied as Royal Asscher.
  6. Over the past half century, Bulgari has adorned such glamorous women as Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia...
  7. “Color is what gives jewels their worth. They light up and enhance the face,” said Christian Dior...
  8. For almost two centuries, Tiffany has been a pioneer in uncovering new types of gemstones and...
  9. Colored diamonds—particularly red and blue ones—are commanding record-breaking prices at auction,...
  10. In the high-stakes vintage-jewelry market, Lee Siegelson has proved to be a master, having...