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  1. Michelle Ong’s artistic jewelry designs, formerly available only through a private appointment or at auction, can now be found at her recently opened Carnet salon ( ) in...
  2. Collection Panthère de Cartier Cartier’s latest panthers exude irresistible animal magnetism. When Cartier created its first jeweled panther brooch in 1923, the Parisian jeweler had no idea that the...
  3. When a young woman’s wedding engagement was recently called off, rather than wallowing in sorrow, she brought her 6-carat fancy yellow diamond engagement ring, worth about $125,000, to SellJewelry in...
  4. Unlike so many of the jewelry houses that line New York’s Fifth Avenue, the latest to join the ranks is not rooted in Europe’s traditional artisanal centers of Paris or Florence. Instead, it draws on...
  5. When Peggy Guinness visited Brazil 20 years ago, she was awestruck by the country’s colorful and mesmerizing gemstones. On a whim, the free-spirited designer moved to São Paulo, where she spent the...
  6. While vacationing in the idyllic islands of Indonesia, Carolyn Tyler (805.965.4445, ), like many travelers, fell in love with Bali’s natural beauty, culture, and artisanal...
  7. Every woman knows the value of versatility in a wardrobe, and she knows the value of having spectacular diamond jewelry in her collection. This remarkable suite of diamond-and-platinum jewelry...
  8. For more than 50 years, Piaget has turned heads with its decadent diamond-studded jewelry watches, but it received little recognition for its jewelry designs—that is, until now. The new Magic...
  9. Esteemed German goldsmith Wellendorff (+49.7231.284010, ) is celebrating its 110th anniversary in a very private way: with 60 invitation-only affairs at its premier jewelers...
  10. In February 1908, Joseph Asscher raised his knife to cleave the world’s largest diamond, the 3,106-carat Cullinan.