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  1. Among the lighter, crisper beers unveiled this season, the Duvel Tripel Hop is truly a cause for celebration.
  2. Former illicit Highland whisky makers and Appalachian bootleggers notwithstanding, distillation is a refined art form.
  3. The Macallan has commissioned photographer Annie Leibovitz to create a series of photos inspired by four rare single-cask whiskies—drawn from the distillery’s oldest maturing blends—which it’s...
  4. It’s as if the peaty smoke from Islay, that windswept island off the west coast of Scotland, had drifted over an American distillery. The result is Campfire Whiskey ($62), a sweet American bourbon...
  5. The Dutch and the British can no longer claim to be the sole standard-bearers of gin, the centuries-old alternative to vodka. Today, the latest birthplace of this pot-still-infused spirit is the...
  6. Highland Park , located on the Orkney Islands, was once a favored haunt of the Vikings. Now Scotland’s northernmost distillery is paying tribute to its Nordic heritage with the release of Thor ($199...
  7. The Cognac region on the western edge of France is well known. After all, this is the only geographic area in the world where Cognac can legally be made. But what is not so well known is that just...
  8. D’ussé , a new Cognac blended at the 200-year-old Chateau de Cognac, one of France’s oldest Cognac chateaux, launched in stores throughout New York this summer and will be available in select cities...
  9. Small batch, boutique, artisanal, and subtle are not words one typically associates with tequila, but Casa Dragones ($250) is deserving of them all. Soft and luxurious, its flavor is reminiscent of a...
  10. Guests relaxing within the wood-paneled, Lalique-accented ambience of Macallan ’s elegant £10 (Ten Pound) cocktail lounge at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel might expect to see Macallan 25 Year Old...