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  1. Tasting Notes Full, rich, syrupy sherry brimming with spicy citrus and raisins. Worth Knowing The most heavily sherried of all single malts, this whisky has won so many contests it has been retired...
  2. Tasting Notes Slightly smoky, sweet caramel. Worth Knowing This is bottled from a single barrel, so there will be very subtle differences in sweetness and oakiness from batch to batch. Each bottle is...
  3. Tasting Notes Spiced cedar, apples, and honey. Worth Knowing Named after the cellars where the oldest cognacs are kept, Paradise Extra is a blend of 100 different eaux-de-vie ranging in age from 25...
  4. Tasting Notes Distinct cucumbers, plus rose petals and citrus peels. Worth Knowing A gin for people who don’t like gin. No juniper here; don’t even add vermouth. Note Prices are average retail and do...
  5. Tasting Notes Apples, almonds, and rich vanilla, with a seductive herbaceous sweetness in the finish. Worth Knowing One of the most elegant of the new extra-añejo classification, this tequila is a...
  6. Tasting Notes A full-bodied blend bursting with toffee, heather, and vanilla. Worth Knowing A limited annual edition of approximately 1,000 bottles, this blend contains single malts from every...
  7. Tasting Notes Curry, lime, tarragon, and lots of smoke. Worth Knowing The smokiest of all Islay single malts, Ardbeg means “small headland” in Gaelic. For a cask-strength version, try Uigeadail at $...
  8. Tasting Notes Hints of pear on the front palate are subtle, while the finish is creamy. Worth Knowing This yellow corn-based spirit is produced in partnership with a Minnesota co-op of more than 900...
  9. Generally, we are averse to selecting the same distillery for inclusion in our Best of the Best issue two years in a row, even when the whiskeys in question are dramatically different. Yet we cannot...
  10. Turning 40 can be a momentous occasion, especially at Glenfiddich, one of the few remaining family-owned distilleries in Scotland. This Speyside institution, founded by Wil­liam Grant in 1887, has...