Universal Whisky Experience
Top distillers will pour legendary whiskies at this year’s event…
Tyrconnell 16 Year Old ($100)
This new single malt arrives just in time to toast St. Patrick’s Day…

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  1. For this, the fifth in a series of innovative limited editions by master distiller Chris Morris, triple-distilled Woodford Reserve bourbon—aged over seven years in American white-oak barrels—was "...
  2. Technically a "vatted malt" (as these malt whiskies do not come from a single distillery), this third edition of a limited-edition award-winner is composed of 61 percent Northern Highland single...
  3. The wooden pot stills that give this highly individualistic rum its distinctive demerara flavor date from the 18th century and are the only operating ones left in the world. Dark chocolate and...
  4. In December 2006, Chinaco—a connoisseur’s tequila even as a blanco—was released as an extra añejo called Chinaco Negro. Of the original 12 casks, seven were extraordinary enough to be bottled in...
  5. In the world of tequilas, there are blancos, which require no aging; reposados, aged from two to 12 months; and añejos, aged for one to three years. Then there are extra añejos, a relatively new...
  6. Made by Germain-Robin, this is a double-distilled brandy, which gives it the finesse of a Cognac. But it is made in Ukiah, California, not Cognac, France—although it is distilled using an antique...
  7. This double distillation of agave from Oaxaca, Mexico, brings credibility to mezcal’s former “bad boy” image, which usually evokes a sour, smoky flavor. The smoke is still there (the result of...
  8. Most Scotch whisky blends combine single malts with grain whiskies. Going against tradition, Compass Box founder and whisky maker John Glaser is renowned for using only grain whiskies to create...
  9. Tasting Notes Long years in charred oak barrels have resulted in gentle honey, citrus, cedar, and spices, with a silken, sophisticated finish that is almost Cognac-like in texture. Worth Knowing...
  10. Tasting Notes This is a muscular single malt, with layer upon layer of complexities, including red berries, oranges, lemon, nuts, and cedar. Worth Knowing Master Blender Richard Paterson has outdone...