Glenmorangie Bacalta
This limited edition from the legendary distillery is destined to become a collector’s item…
Puebla ($85)
Mezcal is gaining in popularity and entering the premium market…

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  1. Tasting Notes Rich and complex, this is like no other bourbon you’ll ever sip. Even at a somewhat jolting 100 proof, the sweetness hits you first on the tip of the tongue, but then licorice, cherries...
  2. Tasting Notes Sweet, thick, and meaty, with hints of vanilla and spice, and a long finish. Worth Knowing This ultra-premium blend of rums between 6 and 23 years old is aged in a mountaintop...
  3. Tasting Notes Surprisingly sweet, with an underlying fistful of smokiness and spicy fruit. One of the most elegant expressions of Ardbeg Worth Knowing Named after the world’s second largest whirlpool...
  4. Tasting Notes Rittenhouse 25 Year Old explodes on the palate with multiple bursts of chocolate, toffee, cherries, and citrus, with a long, smooth finish. Worth Knowing These are the last 3,000...
  5. Tasting Notes An exceptional bouquet and a palate of roasted agave, dried fruit, butterscotch, vanilla, dark chocolate, brown spices, and smoky wood. Worth Knowing This organically certified, triple-...
  6. Tasting Notes This 45-year-old single malt develops in the glass like a fine vintage port, revealing floral notes and profound flavors of exotic fruit, creamy vanilla, and walnut. Worth Knowing The...
  7. Tasting Notes Clean, vibrant, and smooth, thanks to a revived 1771 recipe that calls for 19 fresh botanicals, the most of any gin, including violet root, coriander, orange peel, cinnamon, almonds,...
  8. Tasting Notes A bouquet of botanical and floral notes perfectly complements the juniper, light fruit, and lemon-peel flavors, while a sustained, spicy finish adds great complexity to this well-...
  9. Tasting Notes Creamy and rich, a beautiful amalgam of intense vanilla, orange, and nutmeg flavors more akin to those of a fine Cognac than a rum. Worth Knowing This rare premium spirit is a blend of...
  10. Tasting Notes This ruby-tinged gold rum exudes a burst of hot spice followed by fruit, vanilla, molasses, and leather with an exceedingly long finish of cinnamon, wood, and nuts. Worth Knowing...