Universal Whisky Experience
Top distillers will pour legendary whiskies at this year’s event…
Tyrconnell 16 Year Old ($100)
This new single malt arrives just in time to toast St. Patrick’s Day…

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  1. Tasting Notes Lingers on the tongue with a sweet almond and herbal softness. Worth Knowing This vodka is pot-distilled nine times with four different types of French wheat. Note Prices are average...
  2. Tasting Notes As clean and clear as polished glass. Worth Knowing Made in a $25 million state-of- the-art distillery with amber winter wheat and the purest distillate known to man. Note Prices are...
  3. Tasting Notes A rich, cherry-chocolate-tannin dram with a hint of mint. Worth Knowing Formerly known as Glenmorangie’s Portwood Finish, this whisky is aged for a minimum of 10 years in ex-bourbon...
  4. Tasting Notes The high 98.6 proof doesn’t mask the sharp rapier thrust of coriander and almonds, with a hint of citrus in the end. Worth Knowing This is a handmade, pot-still labor of love by Fritz...
  5. Tasting Notes Explodes on the palate with multiple bursts of chocolate, toffee, cherries, and citrus, with a long, smooth finish. Worth Knowing A 100-proof limited edition of 3,000 bottles,...
  6. Tasting Notes A powerhouse; thick and meaty with charred oak, cherries, and toffee. Worth Knowing Bottled uncut and unfiltered, Booker’s (named after the late Booker Noe, distiller emeritus and...
  7. Tasting Notes Thick, silky, creamy, fresh agave. Worth Knowing This blanco is triple distilled and then slightly aged to round off the edges. The etched crystal decanter comes encased in a handmade...
  8. Tasting Notes Round and buttery, with almond, oranges, and chocolate laced with a hint of sherry. Worth Knowing Aged in 75 percent ex-bourbon casks and 25 percent sherry casks, this whiskey is made...
  9. Tasting Notes A delicate, Madeira-influenced fruity perfume laced with nuts, honeyed cloves, and burned raisins. Worth Knowing Half of this limited-production whiskey was aged in ex–Wild Turkey...
  10. Tasting Notes Leather, subtle honey-like sweetness, elegant enough to be sipped straight; more depth and sweetness than Gold Label. Worth Knowing Blue Label is a blend of 16 to 20 different single...