Glenfiddich and fashion heavyweight Josh Peskowitz join forces to outfit the whisky lover…
Top mixologists across the country are turning cocktail hour into a multicourse affair…

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  1. Tasting Notes Crisp and spicy. Worth Knowing Absolut is both pot distilled and column distilled. Note Prices are average retail and do not reflect local or state taxes.
  2. Tasting Notes Black truffles, plums, and cinnamon. Worth Knowing Courvoisier is the only Cognac house to use their own, specially built and designed barrels to achieve their distinctive taste. Note...
  3. Tasting Notes Thick, smooth, and creamy. Worth Knowing Plymouth gin dates from 1793, making it the oldest operating distillery in England; it occupies a former monastery. True to its name, it can...
  4. Tasting Notes Herbaceous sweet and sour notes layered upon eucalyptus and bananas, with a whiff of menthol. Worth Knowing Bottled by Pierre Ferrand of France, this is one of the few vintage dated...
  5. Tasting Notes Distilled on Pier 50 in San Francisco, this complex yet clean-drinking gin—with its combination of citrus flavors and hints of cinnamon and juniper—has quickly attained cult status...
  6. Tasting Notes Spicy toasted oak and sweet pitted fruit. Worth Knowing This pot-distilled whisky utilizes a variety of hand-selected barrels with different chars and different aging times to achieve a...
  7. Tasting Notes Lingers on the tongue with a sweet almond and herbal softness. Worth Knowing This vodka is pot-distilled nine times with four different types of French wheat. Note Prices are average...
  8. Tasting Notes As clean and clear as polished glass. Worth Knowing Made in a $25 million state-of- the-art distillery with amber winter wheat and the purest distillate known to man. Note Prices are...
  9. Tasting Notes A rich, cherry-chocolate-tannin dram with a hint of mint. Worth Knowing Formerly known as Glenmorangie’s Portwood Finish, this whisky is aged for a minimum of 10 years in ex-bourbon...
  10. Tasting Notes The high 98.6 proof doesn’t mask the sharp rapier thrust of coriander and almonds, with a hint of citrus in the end. Worth Knowing This is a handmade, pot-still labor of love by Fritz...