Glenmorangie Bacalta
This limited edition from the legendary distillery is destined to become a collector’s item…
Puebla ($85)
Mezcal is gaining in popularity and entering the premium market…

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  1. Although the historic Michter’s distillery has changed locations and ownership since its founding in 1753, it still produces one of the best and most authentic renditions of America’s first spirit—...
  2. A small-batch vodka from Cognac, Jean-Marc XO is the creation of master distiller Jean-Marc Daucourt, who spent seven years developing the recipe; it utilizes four different French wheat grains and...
  3. Its light golden-green hue serves as a warning that this is not a gin to be toyed with, and the 55 percent alcoholic volume (110 proof) noted on the label confirms it. Do not confuse this high octane...
  4. This is a very small-batch gin, with just 120 liters produced per batch. That makes it too precious to even think about using with tonic or in a gimlet; it is a gin for those who like their martinis...
  5. After being distilled in a wood-fired copper alembic still in 1950 then aged in French oak for 60 years, the casks of this rare eau-de-vie were recently discovered outside the city of Cognac. Most of...
  6. This is the latest of the company’s light, floral vintage single malts to be imported to the United States; the 1994 has a bit more spice than previous offerings. This 15-year-old expression was one...
  7. After spending 26 years aging in American oak bourbon barrels, this thickly floral whisky was transferred to amoroso-sherry casks from Spain’s famous Gonzalez Byass bodega for additional "finesse,"...
  8. Only 1,000 bottles of this Irish whiskey exist, and each has been hand-numbered and signed by Mark Andrews III, son of the distillery’s founder. Triple-distilled one batch at a time in copper pot...
  9. From one of the largest cellars of aging single malts in Scotland, three of the most exemplary casks from 1973—one ex-sherry butt and two refilled American oak hogsheads—were selected by master...
  10. In October 2009, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Yamazaki single-malt whisky (named after the Yamazaki Valley in which this Japanese distillery is located), 2,500 individually numbered bottles...