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  1. David Stewart, The Balvenie Distillery’s malt master, picks up a gold-etched bottle and gently decants a dram of single-malt whisky into a Glencairn tasting glass. He holds it to the light, gazing at...
  2. In 1860, while delivering some of his then-famous whiskey from Louisville, Ky., to New Orleans, Augustus Bulleit mysteriously vanished. Though his disappearance has never been explained, one theory...
  3. Long Island Distillery is a craft spirits producer surrounded by 5,000 acres at the western end of Long Island’s North Fork wine trail, not far from the Hamptons. This month it will release its first...
  4. In contrast with the bad-boy image of yesteryear’s tequilas—which were often associated with dusty, cork-stoppered bottles in equally dusty saloons—today’s premium tequilas are strictly controlled by...
  5. Created by David Grapshi of Sazerac, Harlen Wheatley of Buffalo Trace, and the tequila master distiller Miguel Cedeño Cruz, the Expresiones del Corazón collection brings tequila to the forefront of...
  6. A little more than two decades ago, there was no such thing as small-batch bourbon. And yet, it existed all the same. The problem was that no one had yet coined a term that adequately described all...
  7. Take a clsoer look at the William Cole Vineyards Ten Cabernet Sauvignon and the Expresiones del Corazón collection.
  8. Of all the countless classifications of spirits, those with the widest spectrum of flavors are the single-malt whiskies from Scotland. Whether they come from the Highlands, the Lowlands, Campbeltown...
  9. Pininfarina , the Italian automotive design firm, has partnered with Chivas Regal to pay tribute to Chivas Regal 18 Year Old scotch. Pininfarina created two custom carrying cases with wood-and-veneer...
  10. For years, the oldest official tequila classification was añejo , which defined tequila that had been barrel-aged for 12 to 35 months. And yet many of Mexico’s maestros tequileros— master...