From around-the-world jet trips to infinity-edge pools, these 10 trends have defined luxury travel over the last 40 years….
Photo by Melanie Acevedo and David Engelhard
A guide to the recipes, drinks, and decor you need to throw an unforgettable party of any size…

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  1. If the taste of a whisky literally reflected the topography of the place where it was made, then one would expect a dram of Laphroaig to be lean, even austere. The south coast of Islay, after all, is...
  2. Not since 1977, when Grand Marnier introduced the extraordinary Cent Cinquantenaire to commemorate its 150th anniversary, has the brand produced a liqueur as in-depth and haunting as Grand Marnier...
  3. The familiar black-and-yellow label of the world’s number-one selling Cognac is getting a face-lift this month when Hennessy offers its long-beloved V.S. blend in a special bottle designed by...
  4. Due to the strict laws regulating their production, certified single-vintage Cognacs are somewhat elusive. So after Cognac house Camus discovered an especially rare example from Petite Champagne—one...
  5. We begin to age from the moment we are born. This law of nature also governs the life cycle of single-malt Scotch—those often prized whiskies that have been pot-distilled in Scotland by a single...
  6. An interest in health products does not generally lead one down the path to becoming a distiller. But entrepreneur Robert Rea­gan’s plan to make and market organic meal-replacement shakes proved to...
  7. In spite of the official government ruling that all vodkas are tasteless, odorless, and colorless, anyone who has sipped two different vodka martinis side by side knows that there are variances in...
  8. Thanks to the retro cocktail craze, America’s native rye whiskey is experiencing a comeback. And one of the newest and most dramatic entries in this spirited race is Knob Creek Rye Whiskey ($40.99)...
  9. Water, barley, and yeast are not especially valuable ingredients; but, when combined at the Bowmore distillery, they can be transformed into something extraordinary. Such a miraculous metamorphosis...
  10. In 1962, Owen Tulloch, then master blender of Appleton Estate, one of Jamaica’s most prominent distillers, added a few barrels of rare column-and-pot-distilled rums to the already exceptional rum-...