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  1. Richard Meier–designed towers will house 225 units with starting prices ranging from $1.5 million to $4.1 million.
  2. Visitors to Dubai frequently compare the emirate to Las Vegas because, although Dubai forbids gambling, it offers travelers a dizzying array of opulent hotels and resorts, including the following...
  3. “It’s okay to surrender,” says spa director Barbara Schultz, as she tucks a chenille blanket around me. I have spent the past two hours cocooned inside the Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach,...
  4. Not everyone considers a restriction-laden ticket on a commercial airline a perk. The entrepreneurs behind the Stratus Rewards Visa (877.258.2360, ), a new credit card concept...
  5. Willemstad is Holland in Caribbean dress, an architectural treasure trove of gabled, sherbet-colored buildings on the shores of St. Anna Bay in the Netherlands Antilles. The city, capital of the...
  6. The Watermark Hotel and Spa (866.605.1212, ), the newest and most elegant hotel on the San Antonio River Walk, does not offer the overt Tex-Mex ambience of its sister property...
  7. Since its earliest incarnations on the links and shores of the British Isles, the country club has served as both community and venue, a gathering place to share a common interest and refine one’s...
  8. Exclusive Resorts Homes sweet homes. Exclusive Resorts’ raison d’être is simple: Instead of settling for a single vacation home or a cookie-cutter hotel suite, members of this leading residence club...
  9. Some 150 miles northwest of Banff, 9,000 feet up in the Adamant Mountains of British Columbia, I am sitting on a boulder the size of an SUV at the edge of a glacier. A weather front is moving through...
  10. According to Herbert Lackner, organizer of the 2004 World Penny Farthing Championship (+43.2874.8254, ), taller riders have an advantage in an antique bicycle race. Longer...