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  1. TCS Expeditions (800.727.7477, www? ) will offer its own version of an Atlantic Rim journey in January. Departing from London, the Cape to Cape tour visits Madeira Island, Portugal...
  2. Antiquities expert Yousef al-Khattali recently made an archaeological discovery at Villa Silin, about 55 miles from downtown Tripoli. The late-first-century Roman villa overlooks the Mediterranean...
  3. After a three-year, $180 million renovation, Marrakech’s La Mamounia has finally swung open its ornate, mosaic doors to reveal a hotel that, despite dating to 1923, is almost entirely new. “Inside...
  4. At the Four Seasons Hotel, Cairo at Nile Plaza, lobby lizards prowl the glittering public spaces with primeval focus. The mission of these liveried staffers (whose reptilian name refers not to the...
  5. By popular demand, the Four Seasons Around-the-World Tour by Private Jet ( ) is back. Four Seasons has confirmed dates for 2013 after receiving high praise from...
  6. A year and a half old, this 377-room beachfront city resort is set within a larger residential development.
  7. Wind-whipped, the wave rises, heaves, and churns as it rushes toward the shore and spits out a man in a black neoprene wet suit. His arms and legs flail as he sputters for air and struggles to his...
  8. From casbahs to riads , the following four hotels serve as prime jumping-off points for authentic outdoor adventures in Morocco. Heure Bleue Palais, Essaouira L’heure bleue refers to that moment when...
  9. The year was 1974, and a small party of safari goers led by the flamboyant Geoffrey Kent had just crossed the moonlit border from Kenya into what is now South Sudan. Kent was the chairman and CEO of...
  10. The Paddock House lounge at Kenya’s new Segera Retreat brims with artifacts—vintage hats and boots, timeworn leather trunks, unpublished letters from Ernest Hemingway and David Livingstone—of safaris...