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  1. Whether they know it or not, many luxury-watch enthusiasts have bought a watch designed by someone whose work was once thrown out of Switzerland’s most prestigious exhibition, the Montres et Bijoux...
  2. At a conceptual level, a watch is very simple: A movement moves the hands to indicate the time on a dial. The status quo for more than 500 years, this system seems so natural that it is difficult to...
  3. When quartz technology proved its superior accu­racy in the late 1960s, the Swiss were forced to turn their attention to the more luxurious aspects of mechanical timepieces, like design, decoration,...
  4. Horse racing became a modern sport on September 1, 1821. That afternoon, at the Champ de Mars in Paris, the finish times of competitors were recorded for the first time ever on a newly invented...
  5. Long considered a byword for classical but technically soporific dress watches, Breguet has shaken off its torpor in the last few years with a host of innovative complications and designs. It seems...
  6. Two years ago, Breguet began experimenting with watch designs of a more flamboyant nature than the classic cases, dials, and movements that have long characterized the brand. While the Tourbillon...
  7. The technique behind the snakelike coils of Bulgari’s Serpenti watches may be older than the company itself. The tubogas technique—which involves interlinking long strips of metal around a removable...
  8. An obsession with original development—even before the brand really possessed the capacity to do such things—led Carl F. Bucherer to install its first autonomously developed mechanism not on the...
  9. Techniques Horlogères Appliquées, received word that his longtime client, Carl F. Bucherer, would be acquiring his Legnau-based firm. Besides altering his employment status, the buyout put a new cast...
  10. "This was very big work," sighs Fabrizio Stigliani, the Italian director of Bulgari’s watch-design department, now transplanted to Switzerland. His expression, which suggests a large weight has been...