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Search results

  1. The Haag family has been producing wines in the Middle Mosel region for 400 years, during which time the reputation of its wines and, for that matter, the prices have steadily grown. Napoléon...
  2. In an era when so many legendary wine labels belong to multinational corporations, Domaine Jean-Louis Chave stands apart, not only for the decadent beauty of its incomparable wines, but also for the...
  3. Though white wines of epic grace and beauty come from such regions as Alsace, the Rhône, Austria, Germany, California, and Oregon, nowhere does the Chardonnay grape develop the combination of...
  4. From the ages of ancient Sumeria and classical Greece to the present day, human beings have treated wine as everything from a religious totem to an art form. The mystic and romantic connotations we...
  5. Chateau Ste. Michelle is not only the oldest winery in Wash­ington State, but also the largest. While greater size does not usually connote greater quality, this estate consistently proves itself to...
  6. Nothing about Darioush, one of Napa Valley’s most impressive wineries, is restrained. The building is an epic structure of glass and Persian travertine that rises up from among rows of impeccably...
  7. Since 1997, when Merry Edwards cofounded Merry Edwards Wines, she has focused her talents on perfecting that most persnickety of varietals, Pinot Noir. She has produced superb Sonoma Coast and...
  8. Schramsberg was founded in 1862 by a tenacious German immigrant named Jacob Schram, who planted vineyards in the Napa Valley town of Calistoga. By the 1880s, he had built a winery, which Robert Louis...
  9. B Cellars winery in Calistoga, Calif., is tinkering with the taste buds and creativity of its guests in a new series of wine and food experiences. In a class called Sensory and Excitement ($55 per...
  10. ‘‘My wife’s brother died in California, leaving quite an estate,’’ reads an 1879 letter from Stalham Wing in Napa Valley to a friend in Ohio. His family sent him out to settle affairs, he explains in...