These 2008 LBVs are ready to drink now; no need to wait for them to mature…

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  1. In 1999, epicures Weezie and Launny Steffens succumbed to the disease that strikes so many visitors to Napa Valley: They were bitten by the winemaking bug. The difference between the Steffens and...
  2. Though few acknowledge the fact, California vintners’ reputations tend to rest on their reds, which is perhaps why Sir Peter Michael, who has made a career of taking on challenges, launched his label...
  3. Kenzo Tsujimoto, the chairman and CEO of video-gaming giant Capcom Inc., decided 20 years ago to provide himself with a very different form of entertainment from that which fans of Resident Evil and...
  4. In 1862, German immigrant Jacob Schram bought a good-sized property outside the town of Calistoga, Calif., where he constructed an elaborate Victorian home, dug cellars, and planted Riesling—a...
  5. A long and storied history can imbue an estate with a certain appeal that the imagination of the wine drinker attributes to the wine itself. There is a certain reverence and not a little awe that...
  6. Over the course of the last decade and a half, critics’ preference for bigger, riper wines with higher levels of alcohol has reshaped the oenological landscape. Even white wines have undergone...
  7. During the 19th and 20th centuries, France and Germany vied for control of Alsace, until the Treaty of Versailles made its people citizens of the French Republic in 1919. Patriotic Frenchmen may...
  8. Burgundy’s rulers were often as treacherous as the region’s erratic weather. In 1440, Louis XI, then the dauphin, joined an uprising that sought to unseat his father, Charles VII, and place him on...
  9. Though the Chapoutier family traces its roots in France’s Rhône region back more than 200 years to 1808, when the clan first settled in Tain l’Hermitage, the esteemed maison we know today was, in...
  10. The British-named port houses we know today have their origins in trade, not just of wine, but of other necessities as well. The merchants who captained these concerns bartered wool and other...