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  1. This year, for only the second time in the history of the United Kingdom, a ruling monarch is celebrating a Diamond Jubilee, marking six decades on the throne.
  2. Among the lighter, crisper beers unveiled this season, the Duvel Tripel Hop is truly a cause for celebration.
  3. Former illicit Highland whisky makers and Appalachian bootleggers notwithstanding, distillation is a refined art form.
  4. Small batch, boutique, artisanal, and subtle are not words one typically associates with tequila, but Casa Dragones ($250) is deserving of them all. Soft and luxurious, its flavor is reminiscent of a...
  5. Guests relaxing within the wood-paneled, Lalique-accented ambience of Macallan ’s elegant £10 (Ten Pound) cocktail lounge at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel might expect to see Macallan 25 Year Old...
  6. In 1997, the late Sidney Frank, a savvy spirits importer who practically made Jägermeister a household word, decided what the world needed next was a premium pot-distilled vodka made in France. Using...
  7. Although it was originally produced as a straight bourbon, during the 20th century Four Roses became known as a blended whiskey. But today, thankfully for connoisseurs, Four Roses has returned to its...
  8. In addition to affecting color, the type of barrel in which a whiskey is aged can account for as much as 80 percent of its taste. This is dramatically demonstrated with Woodford Reserve ’s Rare Rye...
  9. With the warm summer months here, many people are entertaining outside or visiting friends, and Eric Goldstein, co-proprietor and marketing president at Park Avenue Liquor Shop in New York, offers...
  10. Alexandre Gabriel, president of Cognac Ferrand which produces Citadelle Gin, explains why gin is a naturally refreshing spirit, and how to make the best gin and tonic. Q. Why is the gin and tonic...