The unassuming island is home to distilleries that produce the smokiest single malts in the world…
The famed chef aims to bring Parisian café culture to Sin City.

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  1. Those who favor ice in their Scotch will no doubt find a kinship with this replicated bottle of Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky, the spirit Irish explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton selected to...
  2. Three bottles of the recently released Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky 1907 are included in the Alfred Dunhill Antarctic Whisky Cabinet ( ). The Mackinlay has the flavor and...
  3. When the famous Highland distillery of Glen Garioch (pronounced “Glen Geery”) was mothballed in 1995 after 198 years of operation, it ended a legacy of producing lightly peated, honeyed single-malt...
  4. As the bucolic Charente River flows silently past the majestic Château Courvoisier, one would hardly guess that the musty Paradis cellars of this historic Cognac house sequester some of the oldest...
  5. Actor-comedian-musician Dan Aykroyd, a student of the paranormal, created Crystal Head vodka ($50), which is a glacier-clear spirit that provides enlightenment of its own.
  6. Of the six elements, or "pillars," that define the character of the Macallan’s single-malt whisky, the unusually small stills used in the distillation process are perhaps the most noteworthy...
  7. With Johnnie Walker’s first release since launching its top-of-the-line Blue Label King George V edition in 2007, the blended-Scotch-whisky maker is taking new strides. The Johnnie Walker Double...
  8. Highland Park , the northernmost distillery in Scotland, recently unveiled its oldest and most expensive whisky to date, the unparalleled Highland Park 50 Year Old ($17,500), a vatting (combining) of...
  9. One has to admire the “out-of-the-snifter” approach of Courvoisier , founded in 1834 and one of the four leading Cognac houses, which has now taken this classic digestif from an after-dinner setting...
  10. Louis XIII was originally registered by Paul-Emilee Rémy Martin on June 13, 1874, as Louis XIII, Âge Inconnu (Age Unknown). Since then, its age has become not only known, but legendary as a blend of...