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  1. Characteristics A semisweet, buttery quality from the Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut-seed wrapper and Dominican filler. Insider's Tip The Augusto Reyes family has been producing tobacco in the...
  2. Characteristics A slightly sweet, spicy cigar that gets its name from its brownish-black Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper. The filler is composed of Mexican and Dominican leaf, and the Dominican...
  3. Characteristics An extremely creamy and mellow smoke. Insider's Tip Only vintage years of Connecticut shade tobaccos are used for the wrappers, which are aged during the summer in the Dominican...
  4. Characteristics An exquisitely smooth and silky wrapper and well-aged tobaccos result in a rich, spicy flavor worthy of a Richard Hennessy or Louis XIII Cognac. Insider's Tip The wrapper is supposed...
  5. Characteristics A very mellow smoke as the result of extensive cedar aging. Insider's Tip These cigars are like vintage wine; each shape was rolled in a specific year and then released, beginning in...
  6. Characteristics Very smooth with great depth belying its strength. Insider's Tip Nicaraguan soil close in texture and mineral content to Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo, plus four years of aging the tobacco...
  7. Characteristics Very smooth and mellow, this all-Nicaraguan cigar is a classic of silken strength. Insider's Tip: All Padrón cigars are limited in production, but the 1926 Serie is the most elusive...
  8. Characteristics Much milder than the regular Dominican Montecristo. If you don’t like heavily spiced food, this is for you. Insider's Tip The Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrapper and Dominican and...
  9. Characteristics Rich and full bodied, although a little short in the finish. Offered in Ecuadorian Sumatra or Connecticut broadleaf maduro, with Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan and Dominican filler...
  10. Characteristics: An even-burning cigar with a smooth taste, three-year-aged Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Dominican binder, and Dominican, Peruvian, and Nicaraguan fillers. There are seven shapes...