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  1. The Gift A 459-foot gigayacht with expansive interiors, extensive security features, and minimal...
  2. Photograph by Walter Cooper
    Boaters who ply the Northeast’s waters have a healthy respect for Buzzards Bay, a 28-by-8-mile...
  3. Photograph by Cory Silken/www.corysilken.com
    In a sailboat race this September, a 76-foot sloop called White Wings crossed the finish line...
  4. Photograph by Gordon Thomson
    On clear nights, say the inhabitants of Crinan, a village in southwestern Scotland, you can hear...
  5. "Man overboard!” Electrified, the crew members leap into action. On this blustery March day in the...
  6. Each October, virtually every boat manufacturer in the world comes to southeastern Florida. The...
  7. Noah’s ark, it could be argued, was the first gigantic yacht, although undoubtedly its amenities,...
  8. Photograph by Billy Black/Sabre Yachts
    In mid-march, during the 20th Maine Boatbuilders Show, a late-winter storm pummeled the Maine coast...
  9. “The most useful tool for any designer is the eraser,” French designer Philippe Briand has said,...
  10. Photograph by Klaus Jordan
    The crash of hammers, the clang of metal on metal, and the crackle of welding torches are among...