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  1. Guests who charter Feadship’s Trident—the 800th yacht to launch from the Danish builder’s Royal Van Lent shipyard—will likely want to spend more time on the boat than away from it. And yet the 214-...
  2. Scheduled to launch in May, the 170-foot motor yacht Belena comes from the drawing board of Italy-based design firm Giorgio Vafiadis & Associates. Vafiadis created the steel-and-aluminum yacht...
  3. It’s being touted as “the ultimate SUV at sea.” Plans for the 120 MY/X, a 407-foot exploration yacht from German builder Blohm + Voss, have been designed, and the vessel will achieve a 5,000-nautical...
  4. The Frauscher 717 GT ( ) evokes the styling of gentlemen’s runabouts of the late 1920s, when Frauscher first opened its shipyard on the banks of Austria’s Lake Traunsee. But...
  5. In the past decade, Benetti has produced more than 100 yachts longer than 80 feet, amassing a total footage that easily bests the output of any other builder. This disparity should only increase in...
  6. Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo launched its first steel displacement motor yacht in February. Hailing it the new flagship of the fleet, Sanlorenzo’s 144-foot tri-deck 44 Steel yacht sports a steel hull...
  7. With two 170-foot versions of Palmer Johnson’s Sportyacht series ready to debut for the summer 2010 season, news comes of a 210-foot addition to the fleet. Two semi-displacement aluminum hulls will...
  8. Launched in 2007, Azimut’s red-hulled 103S paired the muscular lines of an open express with a flybridge and other features common to large yachts. By creating unbroken space between the cockpit and...
  9. "If you want to build a ship," the French pilot, poet, and author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, "don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks, but rather teach them to...
  10. Azimut’s Leonardo 100 is an entirely new style of yacht. Italy’s largest yacht builder has incorporated the best of the flybridge and sport yacht exteriors and infused a pied-à-terre philosophy into...