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  1. Since 1957, when Queen Elizabeth II presided over its opening as a museum next to London’s Greenwich Pier, the Cutty Sark —the world’s only remaining tea clipper—has attracted more than 15 million...
  2. In a building resembling an aircraft hangar, dozens of men clamber over an object as large as a house. They mount ladders and clatter across metal catwalks, carrying planks and tools and loops of...
  3. A story that features the confrontation of adversity, perseverance through downfalls, and ultimately the reclamation of glory is going to be a compelling one—and no less so if that tale is about a...
  4. During the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1970s, Soviet spacecraft returning from their missions landed in Siberia—and then the cosmonauts who had manned...
  5. Ted Fontaine, founder of the Friendship Yacht Co. of Portsmouth, R.I. ( ), says that he created the Friendship 53 to do double duty: It can sail around the world, but...
  6. By any standard, the 198-foot Blue Moon , the fourth Feadship owned by Chicago industrialist Richard Duchossois, is an extravagant vessel. The $90 million yacht–the largest to appear at the Fort...
  7. As long as sailors have suffered from seasickness, they have sought remedies for the maritime malady. British naval hero Horatio Nelson, a chronic sufferer, used to chew gingerroot, an antidote that...
  8. Suddenly, a feadship yacht is within easier reach. The Dutch boatbuilder, which typically parts with its vessels for $20 million or more, now has joined with Monocle Fractional Yachts (954.563.5808,...
  9. Alysia is as much a floating spa as it is a yacht. This 280-foot boat carries as many as 36 guests in its 18 suites, which include a spectacular owner’s suite with its own private deck. The heart of...
  10. The 182-foot Twizzle is a thoroughly modern De Vries–built Feadship with all the latest toys and a sundeck Jacuzzi. The contemporary theme continues unfettered from the boat’s angular profile to its...