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  1. March One weekend last may, Gerry Santiago was in first place in the Fort Myers Beach Offshore Grand Prix boat race in Florida, when something went wrong. On the last lap of the 6.7-mile course, Zero...
  2. The Cruising Club of America, one of the world’s most exclusive yacht clubs, has no trophy room, no dining room, no marina, no docks—and no clubhouse. Rothschilds, DuPonts, Kelloggs, the Browns of...
  3. In the summer of 1998, Donald Diamond was circling the globe in Queen of Diamonds, his 132-foot Feadship yacht, when the engine sputtered, then stopped, leaving him stranded off the coast of Dar es...
  4. Residents of La Spezia, a navy town on the western coast of northern Italy, have become accustomed to seeing daunting military vessels pass through their waters. Last spring, however, even the jaws...
  5. For years, owners and potential customers of Rybovich, a boatmaker known for its custom 60-foot-plus mahogany sportfishermen, clamored for a midsize and more user-friendly model. However, the company...
  6. The sight of a commercial fishing vessel usually conjures up images of long hours of arduous labor often conducted in rough weather and always accompanied by the threat of injury. However, Bruce...
  7. Newport, R.I., a town steeped in U.S. boating lore and Brahmin culture, seems such a fitting venue for legendary American boatmaker Chris-Craft ( ) to display the refined design of...
  8. As with any megayacht, there is a story behind the name of Anson Bell, a 156-footer built by Palmer Johnson. More compelling, however, is the tale of the bell itself. One day in 1999, during the...
  9. Recently, several Disney executives took a ride off Catalina Island in a SEAmobile, a two-person, 15-foot submarine. The SEAmobile gave them an up close view of fish and coral through the submarine’s...
  10. On the gray water of Venice’s Grand Canal, gondolas bob, speedboats slash, and a lone 1953 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing sputters along the waterway at 7 mph. It should be noted that the Mercedes in...