Carlo Riva Passes Away at 95
Innovator, tastemaker, and eternal yachtsman Carlo Riva sets sail…
New models from Ferretti, Fairline, and Horizon were among the highlights…

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  1. “This is a yacht of extremes—127 meters, 200 million euros . . . a serious piece of kit,” counsels yacht broker Jamie Edmiston in a clipped English accent. (For those on this side of the pond, that...
  2. It should have been the best of times for NorthCoast Yachts, a Tacoma, Wash., shipyard that had, over the previous two decades, launched 15 yachts ranging from 70 to 130 feet. In 2002, the company...
  3. As she sidestepped shards of steel and gnarled clumps of wiring, Karen Bamford applauded herself for choosing blue jeans over a business suit on that day three years ago, in Victoria, British...
  4. To the inexperienced traveler, chartering a yacht to cruise the coast of Chile sounds like a straightforward proposition. After all, purveyors of the finest vacations afloat pride themselves on...
  5. Michael Schumacher probably would not relinquish the keys to his Ferrari to a teenager with a learner’s permit, and it is safe to assume that Chuck Yeager never beckoned a bush pilot into the cockpit...
  6. The diesel engines have been cut for the moment, and the yacht drifts as if becalmed while waves lap against the gleaming white hull. On the deck the crew members stand by, their eyes on the captain...
  7. The familiar hues of blue that John Jo Lewis had so often viewed from behind his mask grew darker as he drew closer to his destination. When he nudged the throttle of his vessel forward, his...
  8. More than just a two-man submersible, the Deep Flight Aviator (see " Wet Jet Set "), a 22-foot vessel that can dive to 1,500 feet, represents a unique travel opportunity: a chance to visit regions...
  9. The lure of the open sea is difficult to resist, especially when you have a spectacular siren such as the Magnifica III beckoning you. When Italian yacht builder CRN completes the 150-footer in June...
  10. In 1984, divers from the Swedish Underwater Archaeology Society made a groundbreaking discovery. They found the wreck of Götheborg , an 18th-century Swedish trading ship. The 150-foot wooden merchant...