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  1. Their clients want to feel at home even when they are 40,000 feet in the air, so private-jet interior designers create cabins that reflect the owners’ tastes and address their desires in terms of...
  2. If not good times, these are at least better times in Wichita, Kan., home of Bombardier Learjet, Cessna Aircraft, and other business-jet and personal-aircraft makers. Here in America’s heartland, two...
  3. Members of the Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board chose the aircraft recognized in this section based largely on each of the models’ performance, availability, average price on the secondary...
  4. ARRIVALS | PLANES IN THE PIPELINE When demand for jets plummeted during the recession, aircraft manufacturers delayed development and production of new models. The recession also prompted many jet...
  5. Icon Aircraft , the Los Angeles–based producer of the A5 amphibious light-sport aircraft, announced that the A5 will feature composite components from original-equipment manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft...
  6. NetJets , private aviation’s largest fractional-share provider, recently announced its Supplemental Lift Assurance program, which follows the massive purchase agreement the company signed with jet...
  7. Flexjet by Bombardier , a leading fractional-share and flight-service provider, has teamed up with the Lake Austin Spa Resort, located on 19 acres about 30 minutes northwest of downtown Austin, Texas...
  8. The versatile backcountry Beaver was introduced in 1947 by the de Havilland Aircraft Company, in Canada, and gained a reputation as a workhorse. Since the 1980s, Viking Air has been converting the de...
  9. De Havilland stopped building the Twin Otter more than 20 years ago, but hundreds are still flying, and now a Canadian company is building brand-new updated versions. The tough twin turboprop can...