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  1. The HondaJet has been in the works since 1997, when designer Michimasa Fujino, now the CEO of the Honda Aircraft Company, first sketched out the idea. By 2003 the jet was flying in Greensboro, North...
  2. EJM boasts award-winning 24/7 concierge service, stability, and a large fleet numbering in the hundreds. Based in 50 locations around the country, EJM flies more than 15 million miles per year and...
  3. OneSky doesn’t own or manage its fleet. Instead, it offers access to an extensive charter network.
  4. Former motorcycle drag-racing legend Terry Vance likes to take a hands-on approach to running his business, and his new Embraer Phenom 300 enables him to do so. The Brazilian manufacturer’s $8.14...
  5. The pretty yellow two-seat Cubs built by American Legend Aircraft Co. expertly blend the classic and the cutting-edge, combining old-time fun flying with the latest in technological wizardry. Their...
  6. Diamond Aircraft’s perky little four-seat twin-engine airplane drew a lot of positive attention when it hit the market a few years ago, but the new-technology Thielert diesel engines proved expensive...
  7. Peter V. Agur Jr. Managing Director and Founder, The VanAllen Group 770.507.5001 Peter V. Agur Jr. has been a management consultant since 1985. His firm provides consulting services...
  8. With airplane sales lagging, many manufacturers have slowed down development of new models, but Embraer is forging ahead with its Legacy 450 and 500 projects. The company, based in Brazil, has...
  9. Piper, following the lead of other major manufacturers of personal aircraft, has added a two-seat sport airplane to the front of its line, as an entry-level aircraft. Rather than develop its own...
  10. LoPresti’s single-prop flier, the Fury, is no shaky aerobatic bird, nor is it restricted in range or speed. Built with the nerves of a stunt plane and the brawn of a military fighter, this design is...