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  1. Boeing offers a range of options from its venerable stable of airliners adapted to executive needs. The 737 line is branded as the Boeing Business Jet, or BBJ, in several variations. Also available...
  2. The Airbus Corporate Jetliner family offers a range of choices for executive versions adapted from its stable of airliners. The A318 Elite has executive cabin layouts for 14, 18, or 19 passengers;...
  3. Although Airbus has yet to deliver any executive versions of the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the A380, it has reportedly sold at least one to a private buyer who plans to turn it into a “...
  4. The Avanti II has a distinctive look, with two turboprops mounted facing backwards near the tail, and a small forward wing, called a canard, near the nose. It all adds up to efficient travel for up...
  5. The problem with some business-jet interiors is that they feel like mailing tubes for humans: cramped, limiting spaces designed for nothing beyond the efficient transport of travelers from one...
  6. Wink Hartman, a Wichita, Kansas-based businessman who owns several energy companies and a health-care facility, logs many hours aboard his King Air 350, traveling from Kansas to operations in Texas,...
  7. Although the wings of an airplane may seem purely utilitarian, like the tires on a car, they are, in fact, marvels of engineering and design. Even small tweaks can produce significant changes in...
  8. Popular with owner-pilots, the TBM 850 delivers speed and range comparable to that of some smaller jets. The standard Garmin G1000 avionics are easy to manage for a single pilot, and they are...
  9. The Cirrus SR22 is the best-selling single-engine piston aircraft, and that is not just because of its built-in parachute and sweetly appointed cabin. Rather, it is because Cirrus continues to add...