EHang 184 flying taxi
The EHang 184, the world’s first passenger drone, is being prepared for a July launch in the emirate…
Pal V flying car
Pal-V becomes the first flying-car company to accept customer orders…

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  1. A dozen years ago, security consultant Israel “Issy” Boim was hired to evaluate a Fortune 500 CEO’s personal security as he traveled abroad. The CEO had bodyguards and privately arranged...
  2. In July 2001, two Tennessee doctors approached Tony Moseley, owner of Tennessee Jet Aircraft, a company that buys and sells brokerage aircraft. The year before, the doctors had purchased two Learjets...
  3. Kevin Russell, senior vice president of Executive Jet, travels with two cell phones, a BlackBerry wireless e-mail device, and a laptop. In his office, he has a PC and videoconferencing capabilities...
  4. Safety Behind the Scenes Recently, a TAG Aviation charter flight was in line at an airport for deicing. The airport crew sprayed fluid onto the jet just before takeoff. However, the deicing fluid...
  5. The holy grail of aviation is an aircraft that requires no runway, needs no airport, and flies long distances at turbine speeds. The BA609 tiltrotor is exactly such an aircraft—one that can take off...
  6. Gourmet to Go It may strike you as odd, but there are travelers who choose to fly Cathay Pacific Airways simply for the dim sum breakfast, on par with the dim sum served in Hong Kong’s best...
  7. In February 2001, the owner of the first-ever Boeing Business Jet 2 had just taken delivery of his new aircraft at Seattle’s Boeing Field when, 10 minutes before takeoff, the ground began to tremble...
  8. Public Servants’ Servant The Italian government owns two Airbus Corporate Jetliners, and Venezuelan lawmakers recently ordered an ACJ. In February, France joined the government-owned ACJ club, taking...
  9. For the past three years, Bob Hannah has been selling million-dollar vintage planes, including a P-51 Mustang, a P-38 Lightning, and a Supermarine Spitfire. “Anybody who is calling me about an...
  10. Greg Farbolin will go a long way for a good omelet, sometimes as far as 50 miles. Nearly every Saturday morning, Farbolin and the other two dozen members of the Gaggle Group, an informal club of...