Pal V flying car
Pal-V becomes the first flying-car company to accept customer orders…
Planes have played pivotal roles in some of the most indelible movie scenes: Cary Grant being chased by an N3N Canary in North by Northwest ,...

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  1. Nothing about the Icon is really groundbreaking?it’s a fairly conventional two-seat light sport aircraft in most ways?but its sleek design and nifty electric folding wings combined with a high-...
  2. Following a successful maiden voyage on July 3, the new Cirrus Design aircraft, previously known in earlier stages as The-Jet, was officially named Vision SJ50. The single-engine personal jet...
  3. Cross a yacht with an RV and add wings, and you’d have something close to the Grumman Goose . This twin-engine flying boat can take off or land from a paved runway, a grass strip, or water as shallow...
  4. Like most industries, private aviation is cyclical and susceptible to the vagaries of the economy and other worldwide forces. It plummeted during the recession and now, as the economy recovers, it...
  5. To remain competitive in the flight-services industry, companies have been updating and upgrading their fleets and expanding their offerings beyond fractional aircraft shares. Here we spotlight the...
  6. Icon Aircraft , the Los Angeles–based producer of the A5 amphibious light-sport aircraft, announced that the A5 will feature composite components from original-equipment manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft...
  7. NetJets , private aviation’s largest fractional-share provider, recently announced its Supplemental Lift Assurance program, which follows the massive purchase agreement the company signed with jet...
  8. The versatile backcountry Beaver was introduced in 1947 by the de Havilland Aircraft Company, in Canada, and gained a reputation as a workhorse. Since the 1980s, Viking Air has been converting the de...
  9. De Havilland stopped building the Twin Otter more than 20 years ago, but hundreds are still flying, and now a Canadian company is building brand-new updated versions. The tough twin turboprop can...