Purchasing a private jet is a special occasion, and Embraer Executive Jets treats it as such…
You could waste a lot of money on a plane if you’re not a good candidate for ownership…

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  1. The first jet from Cirrus aims to be simple to own and operate and to meet the needs of the owner-pilot who flies for both business and pleasure. Like all Cirrus aircraft, the single-engine jet will...
  2. The popular SR22, which has dominated the single-engine piston market since its introduction in 2000, continues to incorporate user-friendly new technology and improve cabin comfort. Recent models...
  3. Cessna acquired these two fast piston-powered airplanes when Columbia Aircraft shut down, giving these popular designs a new home backed by a solid worldwide support and service network. Rugged...
  4. The large-cabin G550, which won the prestigious Collier Trophy in 2003, combines impressive ultra-long range with innovative new safety enhancements.
  5. The Gulfstream G150—the smallest jet in the venerable Gulfstream line—has continental range, capable of nonstop legs from New York to Los Angeles or California to Hawaii. The G150’s cabin is longer...
  6. Embraer followed up its popular Phenom 100 with the beefier 300, certified in late 2009. The center-aisle cabins share the same oval cross section, with more than five feet of vertical space, but the...
  7. The XLS+, introduced in 2008, is the latest model in the best-selling Excel line, adding powerful new digital-control engines by Pratt & Whitney. With the roomy cabin of a midsize jet and the...
  8. The Citation Sovereign offers a nice mix of comfort, performance, and economy, but it is perhaps best known for its short-field performance. The jet can operate from runways as short as 3,640 feet,...
  9. This newest addition to Cessna’s CJ line, providing a step up from the CJ3, started deliveries in April 2010. The CJ4 is a mostly new design, but borrows its efficient swept-back wing from the larger...
  10. Cessna’s entry-level jet aims to bring in first-time jet buyers and keep them in the Citation family as they trade up. Single-pilot certification appeals to owner-pilots and smaller companies with an...