One of Qatar Airways' Boeing 777 aircraft in flight.
The new seat configuration can transform into a private retreat for up to four travelers…
The Airbus Pop.Up
Pop.Up can attach to a chassis and wheels for driving or a set of rotors for flying…

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  1. Consider the new Eclipse 550 ( ) an upgrade of the popular EA-500, which has been on the market since 2006. Eclipse Aviation, one of the first manufacturers to sell a small personal...
  2. It was a moment of triumph, and Sir Richard Branson was savoring it: His VSS Enterprise had just gracefully touched down at San Francisco International Airport to become the first spaceship to land...
  3. Give the gift of private travel this holiday season, with the newest offering from private air travel provider CitationAir, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cessna Aircraft. A first for the Greenwich,...
  4. The GIFT A Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" VIP jumbo jet with a custom interior design and exterior paint scheme. Starting at about $260 million Edése Doret and his associates have created some three dozen...
  5. Shoppers in the market for an aircraft can find just about everything that flies at Wittman Field in Oshkosh, Wis., during the last week in July. That’s when the Experimental Aircraft Association...
  6. The people in charge of the best FBOs—fixed-based operators—understand that their businesses are not just portals through which passengers pass from sidewalk to aircraft. They are a crucial part of...
  7. Making private flight arrangements when traveling abroad certainly helps maximize comfort and minimize stress for the traveler, but orchestrating a detailed intracountry itinerary in some regions may...
  8. Traveling abroad, even flying privately, can be a turbulent experience. Long flight legs and limited services in some foreign markets can raise stress levels and result in last-minute itinerary...
  9. While flying privately is unquestionably a more pleasant experience than braving commercial air travel, choosing a fractional, flight-card, or charter provider can be a daunting task. Beyond the...
  10. In pursuit ofprofits that have proved elusive, fractional-jet providers have altered the industry’s basic business model. Where once fractional ownership enabled you to enjoy the conveniences of...