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  1. The Ecoflyer two-seat light sport aircraft also serves as a flying motor home. Need a place to stay at your destination? Bring a sleeping bag and stretch out on the cabin's built-in bed. Want to go...
  2. A private aircraft provides efficient transportation for business trips and weekend getaways, but what about a dream trip, like flying to Alaska, South America, or even around the world? The...
  3. Nothing about the Icon is really groundbreaking?it’s a fairly conventional two-seat light sport aircraft in most ways?but its sleek design and nifty electric folding wings combined with a high-...
  4. Following a successful maiden voyage on July 3, the new Cirrus Design aircraft, previously known in earlier stages as The-Jet, was officially named Vision SJ50. The single-engine personal jet...
  5. The Avanti II has a distinctive look, with two turboprops mounted facing backwards near the tail, and a small forward wing, called a canard, near the nose. It all adds up to efficient travel for up...
  6. The problem with some business-jet interiors is that they feel like mailing tubes for humans: cramped, limiting spaces designed for nothing beyond the efficient transport of travelers from one...
  7. Wink Hartman, a Wichita, Kansas-based businessman who owns several energy companies and a health-care facility, logs many hours aboard his King Air 350, traveling from Kansas to operations in Texas,...