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  1. The newest and largest Learjet, the 85, promises to be the fastest and most spacious aircraft in...
  2. Alex Wilcox is no stranger to innovation. He was the first JetBlue employee, in 1999, before moving...
  3. Business is booming for private jet charter provider XOJET . To help accommodate its growing client...
  4. Shoppers in the market for an aircraft can find just about everything that flies at Wittman Field...
  5. Photo by Jerry Wyszatycki/Avatar Productions Inc.
    The people in charge of the best FBOs—fixed-based operators—understand that their businesses are...
  6. Great emphasis is placed on an aircraft’s capabilities—its range, cruise speed, climb rate, and...
  7. Making private flight arrangements when traveling abroad certainly helps maximize comfort and...
  8. Photo by Digital Vision
    Traveling abroad, even flying privately, can be a turbulent experience. Long flight legs and...
  9. Illustration by Greg Betza
    While flying privately is unquestionably a more pleasant experience than braving commercial air...
  10. In pursuit ofprofits that have proved elusive, fractional-jet providers have altered the industry’s...