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Search results

  1. For the heavy-duty executive traveler who requires more than 50 hours of fractional flight time per year, NetJets offers unparalleled service and selection. From the NetJets fleet of nearly 500...
  2. While other fractional providers offer long-range business jets such as the Gulfstream V and Boeing Business Jet, CitationShares takes a different approach. Its business plan is built on the premise...
  3. When it comes to the aircraft they will be using, Bombardier Flexjet owners enjoy the pick of the litter. Where other fractional ownership companies purchase their planes from separate manufacturers...
  4. With the S-76C+, its most current version of the S-76, Sikorsky remains at the forefront of the increasingly competitive executive transport segment of the helicopter market. The S-76C+ features...
  5. In 1996, a Bell 430 whizzed around the world in 17 days, 6 hours, 14 minutes, and 25 seconds, setting a record for the fastest global helicopter flight. While it is unlikely any Bell owners—whose...
  6. An abundance of storage space and long-range capabilities make the Agusta A109E Power the perfect helicopter for heavy-duty flights such as hauling equipment or shuttling family members and gear to...
  7. It is not surprising that the Robinson R44 has become the best-selling helicopter in the world. Its $300,000 price is more affordable than the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The four-seat, 2,400-pound R44 is...
  8. For several years, the Extra 300 has been the aircraft of choice for aerobatic pilots on the air show circuit. The two-seater rolls, pitches, streaks, and dives, exerting up to 10 g’s on occupants...
  9. For pure performance in a midsize jet, the Cessna Citation X stands alone. The Citation X boasts an average cruising speed of Mach 0.92, or approximately 600 mph, making it the fastest business jet...
  10. By next year, the new Gulfstream 500 and 550 will become the company’s standard-bearers for long-distance travel. Until then, the Gulfstream V remains the flagship for the fleet of business jets. The...