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  1. The 900LX, the latest iteration in this model line, was certified in July 2010. The aircraft sports a distinctive third engine that provides extra performance to handle short runways and high...
  2. Cirrus continues to work on its Vision SF50 jet with hopes of starting deliveries in 2013. Tight funding has slowed progress, but the company has said it plans to spend 2011 building a conforming...
  3. The 172S is the most recent incarnation of the Skyhawk, a model that Cessna has delivered more than 43,000 examples of in various iterations since its introduction in 1955—making this single-engine...
  4. The Citation X has long held the title of fastest civilian aircraft (although Gulfstream is working to usurp that spot with its G650, scheduled to start deliveries in 2012). If you have the freedom...
  5. The CJ2+ added 300 pounds of payload compared to the CJ2 model it replaced, and boosted range, speed, and time to climb. The cockpit was upgraded with Collins Pro Line avionics. Simple and reliable...
  6. This successor to the CJ1 launched in 2005. New Williams jet engines boost fuel efficiency and climb performance, and extra payload extends the range. The cabin features a recessed full-length aisle...
  7. 2010 marked the 25th production year of the Caravan, Cessna’s rugged propeller-driven workhorse, which can be equipped with pontoons for amphibious takeoff and landing. The Caravan’s single 675 hp...
  8. With this new, clean-sheet design, the Learjet 85’s designers aimed to incorporate all the latest technologies while preserving the robust aerodynamic performance for which the venerable Learjet line...
  9. The 45XR offers substantial upgrades over its previous iteration. Honeywell TFE31-20-BR engines produce higher cruising speeds and quicker climbs, while a 1,000-pound boost in takeoff weight allows...
  10. The light 40XR is a slightly smaller version of the Learjet 45 that Bombardier created by cutting about two feet out of the fuselage. It retains the same oval cross section with a cabin width of just...