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Search results

  1. Cessna's acclaimed entry-level light jet, the twin-engine Citation Mustang, is big and powerful enough to satisfy those moving up from piston airplanes, yet still small enough that an owner-operator...
  2. A roomy pressurized cabin and bargain pricing. Piper says the Meridian sells for a million dollars less than its closest competitor make this single-engine turboprop worth a look.
  3. In 2009, Diamond reintroduced its attractive little four-seat twin with new engine options, to replace the Thielert diesels that proved troublesome on the original 2005 model. Buyers now can choose...
  4. For many years, Dassault’s line of Falcon jets enjoyed a certain mystique among pilots. The Falcons were nimble and quick, while many of their competitors tended to handle like trucks. Today, other...
  5. The G650, now in development from an all-new design, extends the venerable Gulfstream line with even more range and a bigger cabin. With a top speed of 704 mph, the G650 strives to take the fastest-...
  6. The CJ3 evolved from Cessna’s popular CJ2 model to meet the practical needs of business travelers for economy and reliability. The single-pilot certification appeals to owner-operators and midsize...
  7. The spacious Hawker 900XP is a popular choice worldwide with fractional programs and flight departments, and it has been gaining attention from some operators ready to "right-size" from bigger jets...
  8. Bombardier invested two years of market research into the design of this airplane, and industry experts agree that the effort paid off. The fuel-efficient aircraft can fly from the West Coast to the...
  9. The 900XP can trace its roots back to a 1960s-era de Havilland jet, but since then it has undergone continuous improvement, keeping up with developments in engines, aerodynamic design, and avionics...
  10. The 400XP has a long pedigree, beginning with its origin as a Mitsubishi Diamond jet. It was acquired by Beechcraft and later rebranded as a Hawker, while the design was continually tweaked and...