Bliss Jet Gulfstream G450
A one-way ticket for a seat aboard a Gulfstream G450 or G550 will cost just under $12,000…
From Australia to Africa, these private-jet journeys are taking travelers to new heights…

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  1. The fractional jet operator Bombardier Flexjet ( ), a recent Robb Report Best of the Best honoree, is giving you a chance to be an angel. When you purchase a Flexjet 25 flight card,...
  2. We are hurtling toward rust-colored rocks. But John McAfee, sitting in front of me, seems relaxed enough. His fingers nudge the metal tube that controls the single, fabric-covered wing of this tiny...
  3. The numbers do not lie to Jim Ferraro, a product liability lawyer from Miami, Fla. For him at least, one-eighth of 8 million equals more than 6 million. That is to say, Ferraro has determined that he...
  4. Kevin Russell, executive vice president of NetJets, the leading fractional ownership provider, has always admired Gulfstream airplanes. "The most highly desirable jet to own in the world is a...
  5. For a Southern California medical consultant who flew commercially about once a week, the never-ending waits for connecting flights were insufferable, as was the surgery she underwent to relieve her...
  6. The Boeing Business Jet carries out its primary mission superbly. The $45 million aircraft cruises at 541 mph, has a range of more than 7,000 miles, and can transport as many as 50 passengers...
  7. Vern Raburn’s expectations are nothing if not dramatic. Raburn, CEO of Eclipse Aviation, believes that the Eclipse 500 will create a completely new method of transportation. If his vision comes true...
  8. Five years ago, Honda Motor Co. engineer Michimasa Fujino wrote a technical paper in which he described a small jet with a bizarre design. At the time, engineers agreed that a jet’s engines could be...
  9. There is a good reason why the business aircraft made by France’s Dassault Aviation resemble fighter planes: The company’s Falcon business jet evolved from its Mystère military craft, which first...
  10. Three minutes after takeoff from runway 4 at Honolulu International Airport, at about 3,000 feet, the Gulfstream IV’s left engine catches fire. Seated in the copilot’s chair, I call up a checklist on...