Pal V flying car
Pal-V becomes the first flying-car company to accept customer orders…
Planes have played pivotal roles in some of the most indelible movie scenes: Cary Grant being chased by an N3N Canary in North by Northwest ,...

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  1. It’s like a waltz," says 25-year-old Eric Tucker, "like being on a dance floor, looking into your partner’s eyes, while the room spins around you." It is a sunny April morning in Northern California...
  2. On a March afternoon eight years ago, Swiss native Bertrand Piccard, then 41 years old, flew the Breitling Orbiter 3 over Mauritania, completing the first nonstop circumnavigation of the globe in a...
  3. As an instructor, Steve Saleen might be better suited for the Bob Bondurant racing school, for which he once worked, than for a driver’s ed class. Automotive editor Gregory Anderson reached this...
  4. Bombardier Flexjet ( see here ) offers two flight-card programs. Skyjet (888.275.9538, ) provides flight hours in Flexjet’s fleet of Learjet and Challenger aircraft, as well as in a...
  5. Executive Jet Management (513. 979.6700, ), the jet charter and management company owned by the leading fractional operator NetJets ( see here ), continues to add aircraft to its...
  6. Jet Aviation A Jet Aviation client from the United States ran into a problem recently while attempting to travel from Germany to the United Kingdom. To be more precise, on its way to Germany, the...
  7. Marquis Jet Marquis Jet cofounder and CEO Kenny Dichter provides a succinct reason why Marquis once again is appearing in Best of the Best: “Choosing your aviation partner is like choosing your...
  8. Delta AirElite Business Jets, the jet charter operation owned by Delta Air Lines, continues to enhance its flight-card operation, which it launched in 2003. Most recently, the Delta AirElite Fleet...
  9. As the number in its alphanumerical designation indicates, the Cessna Citation CJ4 (800. 423.7762, ) represents an upgrade from the CJ3, its predecessor. The new plane, which...
  10. Sentient Jet In the past year, Sentient Jet has joined the ranks of the largest flight-services operations. A deal between Sentient and the Pennsylvania-based aircraft management firm JetDirect,...