Bliss Jet Gulfstream G450
A one-way ticket for a seat aboard a Gulfstream G450 or G550 will cost just under $12,000…
From Australia to Africa, these private-jet journeys are taking travelers to new heights…

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  1. Bombardier Flexjet (800.353.9538, ), the subsidiary of the manufacturer of Learjet and Challenger aircraft, is adding customers at a healthy clip: Share sales rose 12 percent last...
  2. HondaJet With its long, narrow nose and two jet engines perched on pylons above its wings, the HondaJet looks like no other aircraft. And as the first airplane ever built by car and motorcycle maker...
  3. NetJets Since 1986, when richard Santulli, a Goldman Sachs executive at the time, decided that he wanted to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of owning a jet without actually purchasing it, the...
  4. According to Dale Klapmeier, cofounder and vice chairman of Cirrus Design, customers are lining up to place $100,000 deposits on the company’s recently announced $1 million jet. Cirrus, which began...
  5. The P-38 fighter plane known as Glacier Girl is expected to complete its mission to England in July—65 years late, but the circumstances that delayed the flight were extraordinary. The pilot...
  6. Mooney Acclaim The first thing you will notice about any Mooney aircraft is its tail. Slanted forward instead of backward, as most planes’ tails are, it conveys the impression that the plane is...
  7. As the plane readies for takeoff, a controller’s voice comes over the headphones: "We’ve got an experimental on the runway. . . Whoa! Did you build that yourself?" "About 51 percent," replies Mike...
  8. Erik Lindbergh showed how far general aviation has progressed over the decades, when, five years ago, he retraced his grandfather’s most famous achievement, the world’s first solo transatlantic...
  9. Private helicopter/airplane hybrids are winging our way. As of December, fliers had placed 65 orders for the two-pilot, nine-passenger BA609 Tiltrotor from Bell/Agusta Aerospace Co. ( www.bellagusta...
  10. August Henningsen, the CEO of Lufthansa Technik, remembers the 2000 Olympics well. “That was when we refitted a Boeing 747 to take 10 horses to the games,” he says. Over the years, the Hamburg...