The Airbus Pop.Up
Pop.Up can attach to a chassis and wheels for driving or a set of rotors for flying…
Pilatus PC-12 turboprops
Tradewind Aviation claims its $395 hop is an hour faster than the airlines’ flights…

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  1. Bombardier’s Skyjet, which offers flight hours on Bombardier Flexjet’s fleet of aircraft as well as on light jets from a range of operators, says it is intent on removing the confusion from flying...
  2. JetPASS, the jet-card program offered by fractional operator Flight Options, has been making changes of late. This spring, JetPASS launched an Ultimate Travel option that allows you to deduct the...
  3. Marquis Jet, a program offered by NetJets, our Best of the Best Fractional-Ownership Programs selection, combines the simplicity and low financial risk of jet cards with many of the advantages that...
  4. The New Jersey–based fractional provider Avantair flies only the Piaggio Avanti P.180, which cruises at 460 mph at a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet and has a cabin the size of a Hawker 800XP’s. (You...
  5. CitationShares, the fractional operator co-owned by Cessna Aircraft and TAG Aviation, is offering innovative, accessible incentives. Its Preferred Positioning option, for example, allows discounted...
  6. Now with 11 years of experience under its belt, Bombardier Flexjet, the fractional-ownership program offered by the manufacturer of the Learjet and Challenger lines of business jets, is working...
  7. Some 20 years after it invented the fractional jet business, NetJets continues to dominate the industry in every way. None of the players that have followed it have been able to approach NetJets in...
  8. The German aerospace giant Grob made a splash at last year’s Paris Air Show when it announced its new Grob SPn Utility Jet, a light offering that is built with carbon-fiber composites and designed...
  9. The Raytheon Hawker 850XP, which debuted last year, has been given new composite-construction winglets—vertical wing tips—to enhance both the performance and the appearance of the proven Hawker 800...
  10. To build its high-performance, all-composite Spectrum 33, Spectrum Aeronautical pioneered a manufacturing process that involves a new carbon-graphite material called fibeX and superlight components,...