One of Qatar Airways' Boeing 777 aircraft in flight.
The new seat configuration can transform into a private retreat for up to four travelers…
The Airbus Pop.Up
Pop.Up can attach to a chassis and wheels for driving or a set of rotors for flying…

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  1. Bombardier’s Learjet, Challenger, and Global brands already have significant market share, but the company is not resting on its laurels. Its latest entry, the Bombardier Challenger 605, further...
  2. Embraer, a Brazilian company that had been building regional jets and military aircraft, branched into the executive-jet category last year when it introduced the Legacy 600, an ­aircraft that...
  3. The Boeing Business Jet 3 is not just bigger than its predecessor; it is better. Announced last November, this mammoth aircraft, based on the highly advanced Boeing 737-900ER airframe, includes an...
  4. The jaunty little American Legend Cub first flew in March 2005, and in July it was among the first to be certified in the new light sport aircraft category. Customer deliveries began in October, and...
  5. If you think the term “kit plane” ap­plies only to little two-seaters that you build in your garage, Epic Air CEO Rick Schrameck wants you to reconsider. The Epic LT is a six-seat, pressurized...
  6. The Socata TBM 850 six-seat turboprop has been dubbed a “VLJ killer”—a plane that offers capabilities similar to those of the emerging class of very light jets, but at half the operating cost...
  7. George Bye, CEO of Aviation Technology Group (ATG), im­agines the following scenario: “Take a parking lot full of sedans, station wagons, trucks, and SUVs, and in roars a bright red Ferrari. That’s...
  8. Although David Sutton did not have to dig through 270 feet of snow and ice to acquire his first fighter jet—a Soviet-made, Poland-owned, 711 mph MiG-17—it did take him more than a year to complete...
  9. for most of the past five decades, the National Air and Space Museum’s Lockheed P-38J Lightning remained disassembled in crates in a dusty storage facility in Suitland, Md., denied a space at the...
  10. The light in the hangar housing the P-38 was dim, but Bob Cardin, who had already spent a couple of months digging the World War II fighter plane out from under nearly 270 feet of snow and ice and...