One of Qatar Airways' Boeing 777 aircraft in flight.
The new seat configuration can transform into a private retreat for up to four travelers…
The Airbus Pop.Up
Pop.Up can attach to a chassis and wheels for driving or a set of rotors for flying…

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  1. Marquis Jet Promotions and partnerships elevate the membership program above the rest. Marquis Jet’s clients enjoy numerous benefits, including after-hour visits to Ermenegildo Zegna boutiques around...
  2. NetJets In tough times, the pioneer strengthens its lead. Although there has been a slight rebound in fractional ownership that corresponds with the upswing in the stock market, the past year has not...
  3. Diamond DA42 Twin Star Twin engines double the fun of flying this four-seater. When you are flying in an unheated preproduction aircraft, the midwinter skies 7,500 feet above Austria are hardly...
  4. Multiflight Boeing Business Jet 2 The megayacht of the skies takes flight. When David Hood, chairman of Multiflight, a British company that sells, charters, and maintains aircraft, set out to create...
  5. Piaggio Aero Industries’ P180 Avanti was first certified in 1990, but as the company struggled financially during the ensuing decade, the plane failed to gain favor among business fliers. Piaggio...
  6. In 2001, when Cessna began considering a new midsize aircraft to replace its Citation Excel, which it had introduced in 1998, the objective was evolution rather than revolution. After all, the seven-...
  7. You are aloft at 39,000 feet in your own fully enclosed first-class suite, with a leather seat that converts to a flat bed and doors that can be closed for privacy. Emirates Airline ( www.emirates...
  8. For a stretch of time in the mid-1990s, the U.S. Coast Guard was confronted with a dilemma that the Italian-made Agusta A109 Power helicopter eventually helped solve. Caribbean smugglers were using...
  9. Since Robb Report devoted its November 1989 cover story to collecting World War II aircraft, the popularity of the vintage planes has soared higher still. The 1990s marked the 50th anniversaries of...
  10. Five years ago, at the crest of a robust economy, membership in fractional aircraft ownership peaked. Inexperienced private fliers snapped up five-year shares, blind to the possible collapse of the...