Set on 300 acres above the Gallatin River in Montana, this home has sweeping views of the surrounding valley
A modern hunting and fishing retreat makes the most of Big Sky country…
Laufen opens a gorgeous new space that will inspire your dream oasis at home…

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  1. To coincide with the opening of its fourth U.S. showroom, which is located outside Los Angeles in Culver City, Calif., German furniture company Vitra ( ) commissioned architect Greg...
  2. Nearly a decade after the death of Gianni Versace, who once described his couture as having “the memory of the classic mixed with a touch of the future,” the designer continues to influence his...
  3. It has been said that the larger the kitchen, the less frequently it is used. However, the owners of this contemporary home in Los Angeles do not subscribe to that theory. “They actually cook and are...
  4. Working for clients who own part of the San Francisco Design Center could intimidate some designers, but Suzanne Tucker was not fazed by the prospect. The San Francisco design veteran, who is well...
  5. The challenge presented to Steven Park was daunting: He had six weeks to transform a former studio apartment with a sleeping loft, which had been stripped to its brick walls and cement floors, into a...
  6. Not everyone seeks instant gratification. Consider the owners of this Long Island residence. Noel Jeffrey spent the last 20 years working on their 8,000-square-foot house before completing the...
  7. Designer Paul Vincent Wiseman recognized the potential pitfalls of creating a room that would house the mementos from the hunting expeditions of the husband and wife who own this formal estate near...
  8. When the owners of a Northern California winery purchased this 20,000-square-foot home in Southern California five years ago, it lacked what is for this particular couple an essential feature: a wine...
  9. When you extend an invitation in Palm Beach, you can only guess who’s coming to dinner. “Everyone’s houses are full of guests, so when you invite a few friends over for dinner, they may end up...
  10. This 1920s-era Bel-Air mansion is the answer to a presidential trivia question, one involving John F. Kennedy and where and with whom he spent a night. The story goes that in 1953, then–Senator...