Set on 300 acres above the Gallatin River in Montana, this home has sweeping views of the surrounding valley
A modern hunting and fishing retreat makes the most of Big Sky country…
Laufen opens a gorgeous new space that will inspire your dream oasis at home…

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  1. When in 2000 the BBC presented a retrospective of items that have become symbolic of 20th-century design, it included the Coca-Cola bottle, the VW Beetle, and the Aga stove. A hundred years from now...
  2. During Napoléon Bonaparte’s reign, European furniture styles reflected his ambition and his ego. Mahogany pieces that were designed and decorated to be grand and monumental—later referred to as the...
  3. In her previous career designing gardens within buildings, Pamela Worley often employed iron sculpture. “I like the weight of it,” says the Texas native, adding that her affinity for wrought iron, as...
  4. First at herman miller and then at Hickory Business Furniture, Christian Plasman discovered the rewards of commissioning artists, architects, and interior designers—none of whom had designed...
  5. Expect your sense of vision to go into overdrive when you enter the new Parisian quarters of Maison Baccarat. The imposing hôtel particulier, located a short sprint from the George V hotel on a quiet...
  6. Furniture created by architects has a room of its own in the world of interiors. The pieces are designed to mesh with their environments, and the most notable examples stand the test of time:...
  7. A jolt of caffeine has been the genesis of many a brainchild. The cappuccino Juergen Pluess was sipping late one night in Barcelona’s fashionable Marina section is a case in point. As he mused over...
  8. Not long ago, the only way to gain entrée into the rarefied world of custom kitchen or bath design was to visit a showroom accompanied by your designer or architect. Fortunately, for those of us with...
  9. Vitraform Coppa Pedestal A revolution in glass. In the late 1980s, Jerry and Sheila Fein’s OEM glass business faced stiff competition from Asia, so the couple decided to combine their talents (he is...
  10. Waldorf Island Cooking Suite Bringing the commercial range home. Over the past 30 years, Jade’s commercial appliances have been used in the kitchens of such acclaimed restaurants as Le Bernardin in...