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  1. Though the XE will be Jaguar’s smallest model, it figures big in the company’s plans.
  2. Piaggio’s Avanti turboprop has evolved to offer greater range, more comfort, and as much speed as ever.
  3. The buffalo are skittish this morning. Clustered into a bunch, with the strongest bulls on guard along the perimeter, the herd shuffles toward the watering hole for a drink, then suddenly retreats,...
  4. A shipwreck’s discovery could increase the demand for Arctic and Antarctic exploration relics.
  5. Oenophiles flock to Florida for the nation’s most exclusive wine auction.
  6. The wild spirit of Mortlach single-malt whisky is recaptured at last.
  7. Each of sculptor John Elwell’s classic-car renderings is a singular work.
  8. Two designers debut one-of-a-kind private resort communities in Bali.
  9. Vintage ski posters present uplifting visions of Champagne powder and sunny skies.
  10. The island of Palm Beach, Fla., will welcome foodies from across the country this December for the eighth annual Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival.