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  1. Dunn-Edwards’s latest paint collection is more than 300 years in the making.
  2. In 2006, Bonhams London introduced an annual auction as curious as the objects it proffered. Called Gentleman’s Library, the sale was packed with items one might find in a cultured Victorian’s...
  3. One of the most technologically advanced electric power trains to make its way onto a production sports car.
  4. Detective Don Hrycyk has returned an estimated $121 million in stolen works to their rightful collectors.
  5. “It really was a gap in art history,” Falconer says.
  6. In its 53 years, Doyle has auctioned the estates of Gloria Swanson, Bette Davis, and other film legends.
  7. Scott Torrence evaluates, assesses, and drinks some of the greatest vintages in the world.
  8. Vintage Porsches are ascending to new heights among collectors.
  9. Pure instinct led Fleur Bresler to create one of the country’s foremost collections of wood art.
  10. Street photography is stepping into a thrilling new era.