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  1. Delivered to its owners this past spring, the new 123-foot sloop Escapade is the final and most extravagant build from the New Zealand shipyard Fitzroy, which shuttered earlier this year.
  2. In the battle of physician versus maladaptive protein, physician perseveres and recharges through pursuits befitting his Italian heritage.
  3. Ron Katz’s quest to deliver top-notch medical care to military service members wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan began with a cable TV program and a jab to the ribs.
  4. Medicine’s first superpower—X-ray vision—has led to improved imaging techniques that allow for deeper looks inside the mysteries of the human body.
  5. Our bodies may not have caught up with the Bombardier Global 6000, but new research illuminates how frequent travelers can ease jet lag.
  6. Sam Pack’s assemblage of automobiles could fill a municipal garage. But even Dallas collectors have to downsize sometime. A light mist falls from low gray clouds, but inside Sam Pack’s private car...
  7. Train at high altitude—in the privacy of your home—for a boost in athletic endurance.
  8. Three experts weigh the incredible possibilities and potential pitfalls of tinkering with genetics.
  9. Nearly all adults are at risk for cardiovascular disease, so medicine's top minds have found new ways to repair the heart and its vessels.
  10. Two chic and remote retreats offer an ancient prescription for perfect health.